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What is The Exodus Effect?

The Exodus Effect is a health and wellbeing book written by a researcher named Pastor Andrew that is only available online.

The Exodus Effect instructs you how to employ Biblical oils, cures, and wellness practices to solve various health problems.

It concerns a specific oil that contains various biblical cures and is designed to provide you with a non-invasive treatment for your physical pain and mental health.


The purpose of Pastor Andrew's book, The Exodus Effect, is to compile all of the biblical teaching on this holy oil and revelation of divine healing power which was hidden for almost two thousand years.

The original Hebrew translation of the Bible, according to Pastor Andrew, has numerous hidden symbols.
He claims in his book that these cures originated directly from God, which was his way of rewarding his believers.

By translating the Hebrew verses once more, Pastor compiled his life's effort in pursuit of the secret treatment. He gathered all the information and was successful in solving the case.

According to him, this is the century's most important discovery. The Exodus Effect allows you to uncover the secret holy oil for yourself.

How Does Exodus Effect Work?

The Exodus Effect book contains the recipe for nutritional oil, which you can use to treat a variety of issues in your life.

You'll understand how nutritious this nutritional oil is once you start using it, and you'll also appreciate the fact that you can make it yourself with minimum resources in your kitchen.

As you know, the cannabis plant and other similar plants like marijuana are regarded as being either illegal or forbidden.

But now it's time to change your mindset, Christians or non-Christian. Pastor Andrew's recent research proves that the usage of anything defines its identity.

The right usage of anointing oil, which contains cannabis as its major constituent, most certainly indicates that people can live longer lives if they can overcome their old beliefs and embrace many health benefits of the cannabis plant.

The holy oil works for you by assisting with the removal of all excess body fat so that you can have a fit body in a shorter period of time.

Additionally, this oil relieves joint pain and improves your quality of sleep at night. You can solve all of your health issues with a simple oil.

This oil also helps you improve your mood, increase your energy level, and boost your immunity so you can confront a variety of situations on your own and avoid most of the health issues in the future too.

Exodus Effect
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Benefits of Exodus Effect

The Exodus Effect Healing Oil is a kind of an all-in-one healing oil which benefits your body system. It kills the majority of physical health disorders as well as mental health issues.

Here are the 9 best health benefits which you can experience by using this anointing oil in your daily life.

  • 1) Improves Your Mood All Day Long : Your positive attitude will be enhanced by the oil you make with the guidance of The Exodus Effect book. Antioxidants in the oil will aid in soothing your body, allowing you to spend the day with a tranquil mind and body. If you're not in a good mood, you'll feel grumpy without cause and be unable to finish any of your tasks, this oil is for you. It has a variety of effects on your productivity, which is why the oil might make your day better.
  • 2) Enhances Physical & Mental Functions : Your body and mind will both be calmed by the oil. People frequently experience distress due to discomfort, which develops when they neglect to take care of their bodies and when we do not feel well. That’s why using the oil will relieve all of your discomfort and calm both your body and mind.
  • 3) Reduces Extra Body Fat : Your excess body fat will be reduced with the use of the oil. The components in the oil assist you to get rid of all your extra body fat quickly and easily, and you might not experience any problems with it in the future as well.
  • 4) Nourish Your Entire System : The oil that you can manufacture with the help of The Exodus Effect book will assist you in improving your overall health by increasing your immune levels. Your body will be nourished by the nutrients in the oil so that you can combat a variety of issues in the future and stop suffering from them.
  • 5) Boosts Your Energy Level : With the guidance of The Exodus Effect book, you can prepare a very nutritious oil that will also help you have more energy. When your energy levels are higher, you can perform all of your tasks with great energy. This will help you stay healthy and avoid a lot of health issues because you won't attract them for a longer time and you'll have the energy to carry out all of your tasks without hesitation.
  • 6) Kills Joint Pain Issues : With the guidance of the book The Exodus Effect, you will be able to formulate an oil that will also relieve joint discomfort. This implies that by taking this oil, you will be able to completely eliminate any joint pain that you have when performing any activity. You can have confidence in the efficacy of this oil because it is purely nutritional.
  • 7) Provides Comfortable & Deep Sleep : This oil will improve your ability to take deep sleep at night with the help of the Exodus Effect book. It will help you do this by assisting you in clearing your mind of all distracting thoughts and by relaxing your body and mind, allowing you to sleep better and get an uninterrupted good rest of 8 to 9 hours.
  • 8) Focus & Concentration Enhancements : Your ability to concentrate and focus will also be enhanced by this oil. It's a good thing because if it wasn't for that, we'd have trouble concentrating and staying focused and wouldn't be able to do anything about it. The Exodus Effect will assist you in focusing on the things that are most essential to us without getting distracted.
  • 9) Revives Your Memory Power : If you're having trouble remembering things, the oil can assist with that, too. Overall, The Exodus Effect book's recipe for oil is 100% nutritional, which is why it offers a broad range of advantages to anyone who takes it regularly. You can trust on the usage of the oil because it is 100 percent pure and does not negatively impact anyone's health in any manner.

Free Bonuses With Exodus Effect

Now have a look at the free bonuses that Exodus is offering to you. The company is giving you 3 additional books. The bonuses seem to be very simple things but the content is knowledgeable and valuable.

  • 1) Lazarus Effect : This book contains Lazarus's long-forgotten life lesson, which can significantly lengthen your longevity. The Lazarus Effect is a manual that gives you access to recipes that can address issues regarding skin health. These recipes, when combined with the anointing oil, can aid in skin rejuvenation.
  • 2) Divine Pet : Simply, Divine Pet demonstrates how to treat your dogs' and cats' health issues using anointing oil. You can discover how to treat your dogs and cats with this oil. If you were looking for a natural cure to extend your pet's life, this is it.
  • 3) Hidden Prayers : The Hidden Prayers is a collection of prayers found in the Hebrew Bible text. These prayers will aid your healing process together with the holy oil. These petitions are usually kept hidden from the general public.
  • 4) Prayer Warrior Network : Prayer Warrior Network is the last but not the least free bonus. It’s an online community having similar beliefs. The Exodus Effect Book and anointing oil users in the Prayer Warrior Network support one another's religion and beliefs online. This is a network, where thousands pray for your healing.
Exodus Effect
Get-Instant-Access dark age defense book
Exodus Effect Money Back

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

The refund policy of Exodus Effect is really amazing which you will hardly see anywhere else. The company is so confident in its product that they give you a 365-days money back guarantee.
However the international customers (outside of US) will only get a 60-days money-back guarantee which is also not bad at all. Two months is also enough to verify the product.
If you don’t get results or are dissatisfied with this offer in any manner, you can easily ask for your money back and they will refund you 100% within a few days. So you can say that the offer is completely risk-free! 

Exodus Effect FAQ

The Exodus Effect usually cost you $67, but you may get it at $47 if you’re lucky to get the limited period offer. Click here to check the discounted price on its official website.

The company gives you a free shipping offer with no hidden charges. They ship your order within 2-3 business days.

You will get instant access to the digital version of Exodus Effect. You may download its ebooks and access them on any device. The physical copies will knock your door as soon as possible. 

The author of The Exodus Effect is a researcher by the name of Pastor Andrew, who identifies as a lifelong theological student who has spent the past 30 years attempting to understand why biblical characters in general had lifespans that were two to three times longer than today's people.

Andrew identified the mistranslated term in the Bible as the cause of the decline in life expectancy. Having correctly interpreted that term, Andrew has now disclosed the formula of God's special healing oil.

Divine Origins LLC had a major role in the creation of this amazing guidebook that teaches you how to prepare healing and medicinal oils to enhance your health. The corporate office of Divine Origins LLC is in Miami.
Unlike many pharmaceutical firms, Divine Origins LLC seeks to significantly improve health through the creation and application of anointing oils.

The vital knowledge in this manual, put together by Pastor Andrew, can help you control your blood pressure, get in shape, live longer, get rid of chronic pain, improve digestion, and provide other advantages for your body. 

Anyone experiencing moderate to serious health concerns or challenges related to aging must read and apply the simple lessons of the Exodus Effect book.

Any person who experiences persistent physical or mental health problems, such as stress, pain, inflammation, heart disease, stroke, or overthinking, must read this revolutionary book. 

Pastor Andrew feels that many parts of the Bible have been mistranslated. He noted that before 300 AD, people lived an average of more than 200 years.

This average age was reduced to roughly 35 years after a translated version by Symmachus in 333 AD. That was really strange, why did a translation decrease the average age of the entire human race!

Even medical science could be able to increase it just 50-60 years today. But what if we found a simple way that would make us as healthy as our ancestors.

While interpreting the Bible, Pastor Andrew discovered a term that had been incorrectly translated, which inspired him to develop the anointing oil mixture that is described in his eBook.

The term "kanabos" was incorrectly translated. According to Pastor Andrew, this word may have been mistranslated to mean "cannabis" and is associated with the cannabis plant.

As everyone is aware, the cannabis plant, along with other related plants like marijuana, are forbidden in our modern society.

But thanks to Pastor Andrew's new research, things may now be different for both Christians and non-Christians.

The usage of the anointing oil, which contains cannabis as its primary ingredient, may very well imply that human beings can stay fit for a longer period of time.

They just need to get over their outdated beliefs and accept the different health benefits of the cannabis plant. 

The Exodus Effect book lists specific ingredients that are used to create the oil; all of these ingredients are entirely natural, pure, scientifically-tested, and toxin-free.

The oil is incredibly effective and it only requires four essential components, which are listed below.

1) Cannabis

The human endocannabinoid system, or "ECS," relies on natural cannabinoid chemicals to keep functioning.
Numerous studies have shown that the ECS used to be weakened by toxicity, poor diet, and the consumption of several medicines.

Cannabis has elements that provide the body access to cannabinoids and enhance its performance.

2) Myrrh

Myrrh, one of the most well-known herbs, is often used in anointing oils and is mentioned many times in the Bible.

The Exodus Effect's researchers assert that this plant may treat a wide range of common diseases, such as diabetes, leprosy, arthritis, and gastritis.

Scientists claim that myrrh is a potent antioxidant that boosts the body's natural defenses against sickness.
Additionally, this herbal extract can lower the risk of developing certain illnesses, including obesity and heart disorders.

3) Cassina

A plant extract known as cassia helps to improve blood flow and muscular health. Experts claim that it can improve blood vessel health and maintain your blood pressure.

Additionally, Cassina lessens the LDL (bad cholesterol) and the buildup of fat around your arteries.

4) Cinnamon

Cinnamon is commonly used to season foods at home. Some research suggests that cassia may help maintain steady blood sugar levels. It may also speed fat metabolism and lessen insulin resistance.

This enticing component is an antidote that can lower the blood's toxicity level. It also promotes cell regeneration by combating free radicals.

Numerous studies have proven that cinnamon can boost energy levels and aid with weight loss. Plus, it can also quicken respiration, enhance digestion, and lessen cravings of unhealthy foodstuff. 

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